Builders conned by fake recruitment companies

Recruitment companies with links to criminal biker gangs are using the database run by the Swedish Labour Market Board, AMS, when they hire staff, Swedish Radio has reported.

In Halland, south-western Sweden, some 50 unemployed builders who had their phone numbers in the database have been defrauded of tens of thousands of kronor.

“These are not serious companies,” said Tomas Sundqvist from the Byggnads trade union.

“We have learnt that they have connections to criminal biker gangs.”

Unemployed people leave their names, phone numbers and details about their experience in the database. The builders in this case were contacted by a recruitment company that placed them in jobs in the construction industry, billed for the work carried out, and then disappeared without paying salaries.

Builders who worked through the company are now demanding sums between 15,000 and 100,000 kronor, Sundqvist says.

TT/The Local