Ebay buys Sweden’s Tradera

The world's biggest internet auction company Ebay is to buy Sweden's Tradera for 365 million kronor.

“We see the deal as proof that we have done a good job,” said Tradera’s managing director Jonas Nordlander.

Tradera was founded seven years ago and since then has grown to be one of the largest e-commerce businesses in Sweden. According to their own figures, a normal day sees around 750,000 auctions in progress.

On the Tradera site, as on many online auction sites, everything from pens to cars is traded.

Ebay began in 1995. It now has 11,000 employees in 33 different markets and is listed on the Nasdaq. The company’s sites have 193 million daily users around the world.

Last autumn Ebay bought the internet telephony firm Skype – also founded by a Swede.

The Swedish version of Ebay has been up and running for a year.

“Tradera has paved the way for internet based auctions in Sweden. Together we will be able to provide the best user experience,” said Ebay’s Swedish managing director, Fredrik Ahlberg, in a press release.