Canadian company plans uranium search

A Canadian company has applied for a concession to mine a 774 hectare site north of Dals Långed, in Dalsland, western Sweden. The application from Mawson Resources is formally for permission to search for gold, but the company says that the area could also contain exploitable amounts of uranium.

Local paper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen writes that the company’s geologists plan to search the area this spring using radiation detectors.

Samples taken by the Geological Survey of Sweden in 1980 from two disused mineshafts showed readings of 4.7 percent uranium oxide, or 28 grams per ton of ore, as well as ten grams of silver and 25 percent iron oxide, plus traces of tungsten and other metals.

Infrastructure minister Ulrica Messing has said that uranium mining is not compatible with the government’s decision to abolish nuclear power. However, responding to a question in parliament in February, she said that it would nonetheless be good to know where there is uranium in Sweden.

TT/The Local