Lesbianism different from male homosexuality

Lesbian women react differently from both heterosexual women and men when they are exposed to female hormones, according to new Swedish research.

A study carried out at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that gay women’s response to female hormones was somewhat similar to that of straight men.

However, the research showed that lesbians’ reactions to female hormones were not as strong as gay mens’ reactions to male hormones, which the same team reported last year were similar to the reactions of heterosexual women.

“It is very possible that there is a difference between male and female homosexuality,” said Ivanka Savic-Berglund, who led the research team at the Stockholm Brain Institute.

Genes have a much larger role in sexual orientation in men than in women, Savic -Berglund argues. She points to verbal reasoning and mental tests which show that gay men and straight women have similar results, whereas gay women perform similarly to women in general.

However, the new research supports the idea that homosexuality in women has a physical basis.

“Unfortunately, homosexuality in women is under-researched. This shows that many more studies are needed,” Savic-Berglund said.