Swede missing after Everest plunge

A Swedish adventurer is missing after falling while skiing down the north face of Mount Everest, his expedition's communications service said on Wednesday.

“The adventurer and skier Tomas Olsson is missing on Mount Everest. (He) disappeared at 8,500 metres (28,000 feet) of altitude on the afternoon of May 16 … when he fell from a landing on a cliff on the north face of Mount Everest,” according to a statement received by AFP.

The 30-year-old Olsson was thought to have initially fallen some 10 metres after his rope detached from the ice, and then continued to fall an unknown distance.

Olsson and fellow adventurer Tormod Granheim of Norway had hoped to become the first in the world to ski down the north face of the world’s tallest mountain.

Granheim descended to their base camp at 6,400 metres and was to mount a search for his friend with the help of a photographer, the statement said.