Man found in Stockholm ‘was murdered’

The body of a man has been found next to an electricity substation in a residential area of Stockholm. Police suspect that he was murdered.

The body was found under a tarpaulin on Stökhagsvägen in Fittja, in the west of the city on Monday morning. He was bloody and had visible injuries to the head.

“We don’t know who the man is,” said Chief Inspector Lennart Johansson of Stockholm Police.

He said he did not want to reveal exactly how the man died “for operational reasons.”

Police sealed off the area after finding the body and started a forensic examination.

Johansson said that the forensic team had found interested evidence near the man’s body.

The evidence will now be examined to see whether it can lead police to the killer. The killing is believed to have take place a short time before the body was found. Police say they so far have no suspects.