Estonia investigator accused of destroying evidence

The president of Sweden's Court of Appeal, Johan Hirschfeldt, has been reported to the Justice Ombudsman for allegedly destroying all the background material from his investigation into the transport of military equipment on the Estonia.

The Estonia sank in the Baltic on 28th September 1994, claiming the lives of 852 people, including 502 Swedes.

In March 2006, the Estonian government said that the official inquiry into the disaster was flawed because it overlooked key pieces of evidence.

A 2005 probe into the tragedy failed to determine whether military equipment was being transported on the ferry when it sank. However, it has been established that Swedish intelligence transported military equipment on board the Estonia at least twice prior to the ferry sinking.

Green Party member of parliament Lars Ångström reported Johan Hirschfeldt – who also led the inquiry into the government’s response to the tsunami – to Sweden’s Justice Ombudsman on Friday.

According to TV4’s Nyheterna programme, Ångström also questioned whether Hirschfeldt told the truth about a secret agreement from 1992 about military transports between Customs and the Swedish armed forces.