‘Scrap homework’ call from Left Party

The Left Party has proposed abolishing homework for children up to the age of 16, saying that it wants to compensate for differences in pupils' backgrounds.

Scrapping homework is one of the proposals put forward in the party’s program for ‘equality at school’, which was presented on Wednesday.

The disappearance of homework would be compensated for with more concentrated teaching and more qualified teachers, said the Left Party’s political secretary Anders Thoré to Svenska Dagbladet. The party did not intend to make the school day longer, he said.

Thoré pointed to a Teleborg school in Växjö, which he said had positive experiences of abolishing homework.

The party argues that schools are not meeting their aim to give every pupil the same chances, and that they are not compensating for pupils’ social differences.

The Liberal Party’s education spokesman Jan Björklund described the proposal as “beyond idiotic”.

Unions were also critical. Eva-Lis Preisz, chairwoman of the Swedish Teachers’ Union, said that politicians should not interfere with schools’ homework policies. She said that politicians had an “excessive ambition” to micromanage the work of schools.

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