Surgeon fired after botched operation

A surgeon in Lund whose unnecessary operation caused a patient to fall into a coma and die has been fired from his position and reported to Swedish police.

The surgeon refused to listen to others on the operating team at Lund University Hospital, and after the patient’s blood circulation was stopped for nearly two hours, the man suffered serious brain trauma.

The head of the hospital has fired the doctor, and reported him to police for causing the death of the patient. Recently, The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) accused the doctor of gross negligence in a report to the Medical Responsibility Board.

”I can’t take responsiblity for some patient suffering from this in the future,” said Bent Christensen, the hospital’s chief.

The 56-year old man never woke up from the operation and died after six weeks.

The surgeon, who had worked at the University Hospital in Lund for nearly 20 years, was immediately suspended. In recent days he received word that he had also lost his job, reported Sydsvenskan.

Prosecutors are looking at the case. The surgeon blames difficult circumstances and stress for his actions.