Sweden’s mobile phone use surges

Mobile phone use in Sweden is still on the rise, according to Sweden's National Post and Telecom Agency.

The total called minutes on the mobile network increased 31 percent during 2005, said an agency report released on Thursday.

The agency said that the large increase is partly due to greater competition between competitors, which has caused prices in the industry to fall.

The report said talk traffic on the 3G net has tripled during the past year, which means it is now makes up some 7 percent of the total mobile traffic. Another sign of increased use of the 3G net is that the amount of data sent of the mobile net quadrupled in 2005.

Web-based telephone services also grew significantly during the year, expanding by 159 percent to 210,000 users, up from 81,000 users in 2004.

Internet services continued to have strong growth with some 40 percent – 1,7 million households – now with broadband Internet service, an increase of 11 percent compared to 2004.

The ADSL service through Telia Sonera’s network is the most widespread and fastest growing method with nearly 63 percent of the total market for fixed connections to households.