Man admits killing stranger in her house

A 33-year old man has admitted killing a 60-year old woman on the Baltic Sea island of Öland on Sunday. He also admits inflicting knife injuries on her husband.

The man, who comes from Karlstad, said he had no motive for the crime. He said he was in the area to go birdwatching and has no idea why he suddenly broke into the couple’s house. He had never met the pair before.

The man also said he had previously asked for help from psychiatric services, Kalmar police spokesman Ulf Karlsson said.

The alarm was raised just after 4 pm.

A neighbour of the couple had warned police earlier in the day that a mysterious man was roaming the area. He had slept in a sleeping bag by his car, which had smashed windows. He said that he was a birdwatcher, and that someone had vandalized his car.

Police say that they saw no reason at that point to investigate further.

“We get lots of calls like that,” Karlsson said.