Stockholm congestion charge ‘is working’

Stockholm’s congestion charge is working, new figures suggest. Traffic going through central Stockholm has been cut by 25 percent during the first half of the year.

Wait times coming into the city have decreased by 33 percent during morning rush traffic and are 50 percent the size during the evening rush out of town, an analysis group appointed by Stockholm municipality has said.

The effects on traffic safety are hard to analyze at this point due to the short period the tax has been in place, but analysts said the working environment for professional drivers such as bus, truck and taxi drivers in the city has improved.

A preliminary guess at the effects on road safety led the analysts to believe personal injuries have decreased nearly 10 percent.

The report said carbon dioxide and particle emissions have decreased, and businesses have only been marginally affected.

The charge is thought to have increased use of public transportation by 4.5 percent.

The Stockholm congestion charge is being implemented for a six-month trial period, ending on 31st July. Stockholmers will decide the future of the charge in a referendum.