Two dead in Midsummer traffic

Two men, aged 23 and 27 years old, have so far died in Sweden's Midsummer traffic.

Despite the fatalities, the weekend traffic has been described as unusually calm in most parts of the country, although in Jämtland in particular the police and rescue services have been kept busy.

The second victim of the Midsummer traffic was the 27 year old. At midnight the driver of the car in which he and another person were travelling lost control on the road 656 north of Halmstad. When police arrived at the scene they found the car in a ditch with the 27 year old in the passenger seat. He was already dead.

“He died immediately. But when we arrived the driver had run away,” said Mikael Lund at Halmstad police.

The driver was tracked with the help of police dogs and arrested during the night on suspicion of manslaughter and drunk driving.

But the weekend’s first road death was as early as Friday morning. A 23 year old man died when he drove at high speed into a rockface outside Södertälje. The cause of the accident was still unclear late on Friday.

As well as the two deaths, several people were injured in accidents around the country during Midsummer’s Eve on Friday and through the night.

Early on Saturday morning a boy in his late teens was taken to the Academic hospital in Uppsala with serious injuries, reported Swedish Radio in Uppland. The boy and two friends were injured when their moped collided with a tractor on the E4 just north of Björklinge.

Two 21 year old men were injured, one seriously, in a motorcycle accident in Hede, between Sveg and Funsädalen. The motorcycle rider was taken in a helicopter to Östersund hospital. He was unconscious.

On Friday evening a car rolled over several times on a straight stretch of road in northern Jämtland. Three people were injured.

“There has been an awful lot to do across the whole county, with several accidents and incidents of drunk driving,” a police spokesman told TT on Saturday morning.

In Skåne, in southern Sweden, police reported 25 minor accidents on Friday and overnight – fewer than usual, said Skåne police.