Swede comes home after ‘honour killing’ attempt

A 19-year-old woman with Swedish and Turkish citizenship is back in Sweden after being shot earlier this month as part of a suspected honour killing in Turkey.

The woman, who lives in Falkenberg, was shot three times on June 5 while she was out on a walk with her fiancé near the town of Bursa. According to her family, the attempted murder was punishment for not marrying a relative. It was this relative that allegedly requested the woman killed.

An 18-year-old suspected for the shooting is in custody.

The woman and her mother appealed to Sweden’s Foreign Ministry and the insurance company Folksam to get them back to Sweden, saying they felt threatened by relatives in Turkey and did not trust the Turkish police to protect them.

The travel insurance the woman’s family had through Folksam expired just before the shooting, but the company still paid for the trip home.