‘Ban youngsters from Reality TV’

The Christian Democrats want to ban anyone under 18 from taking part in reality TV shows, as part of a package of 'family friendly' policies announced in Gotland on Monday.

The party’s deputy leader Maria Larsson said that children in Sweden were using reality TV stars and rap artists as role models, as they didn’t see enough of their parents.

“The child’s world is one of anorexic models and song lyrics about how much money you can earn as a pimp,” Larsson said, as she presented the party’s report “A lawless country?” at a seminar during the Almedalen political week in Visby.

“A lack of contact with adults leads to children living without norms, something that harms them. This had to end – adults must get the chance to be around children and young people,” she added.

Larsson proposed reforms that would make it financially possible for parents to spend more time with their children. She also said she wanted family centres in every Swedish town staffed by “supernannies.”

Other measures proposed included getting schools to give children grades for behaviour, introducing a reward scheme for children who show involvement in society, or who exhibit moral courage, and introducing an minimum age of 18 for participation in reality TV shows.

But the minimum age proposal was slammed by Kanal 5, which broadcasts Swedish Big Brother. The channel’s spokesman Per Lorentz called the idea a “no-brainer,” saying that his station already banned minors from participating.

Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund was due to round off the Christian Democrats’ day in the limelight at Almedalen. The Moderates are due to dominate Tuesday’s agenda.

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