Centre wants Swedish Green Cards

The Centre Party has said Sweden should introduce a Green Card system for worker immigration.

Under the proposal 20,000 people every year would be offered Swedish work permits. The visas would be issued at Swedish consulates abroad, where the education and backgrounds of the applicants would be considered.

The party said the scheme it is suggesting was based on the Canadian model.

The idea was contained in a report “Openness for Growth,” presented on Thursday at the Almedalen political week in Visby.

“Sweden has had its greatest successes when we have been open to the outside world,” the report’s authors write.

“We need a clear strategy that builds on openness, both economically and in terms of values, and which makes Sweden an attractive country for investment capital, workers and creators.”

The party also wants a more generous refugee policy, under which it would be possible to seek asylum directly in refugee’s country of origin. People who sought asylum would then be able to “jump the gap” into one of the programs for labour-force immigration.

The report said that foreigners who study in Sweden should be able to stay on after finishing to work or study, and people should be encouraged to work while having their asylum claims examined.