House prices up again

House prices in Sweden saw another quarter of positive growth. Prices went up 3 percent between the first and second quarter, a report from Statistics Sweden said on Tuesday.

The report said house values shot up 12 percent compared to prices during the 2005 second quarter.

The Värmland municipality saw an 8 percent increase, the biggest increase in the country, followed by a 7 percent increase in Blekinge and in Örebro. Gävleborg and Norrbotten municipalities each went up 6 percent.

Compared to last year’s second quarter, Jämtland municipality prices increased 19 percent, while house values on Gotland and in Örebro went up 16 over the year.

During the first quarter 2006, 12,500 houses, condominiums and semi-detached houses were sold in the country. This is an increase of 16 percent from the same period in 2005.

The average cost of a house in Sweden is about 1.6 million kronor. It the greater Stockholm area the average price in 2.9 million. In greater Gothenburg and Malmö the average price in 2.3 million kronor.