Evacuated Swedes reach Turkey

About 1,800 Swedes, Australians and Canadians arrived in Turkey Monday in the latest wave of evacuations from war-torn Lebanon, the Anatolia news agency reported.

A passenger ferry brought a total of 1,080 Australians, 480 Canadians and 232 Swedes – all looking exhausted after a tiring sea journey – to the Mediterranean port of Mersin in the south of the country, the report said.

The latest arrivals bring to about 4,850 the total number of foreigners to have reached Turkey from Lebanon.

A passenger ferry belonging to the Turkish navy, which was escorted by a frigate and a corvette, was due to arrive in Beirut later Monday to pick up some 1,200 Turkish nationals and bring them to Mersin.

Besides Australia, Canada and Sweden, six other countries — Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Moldova and the United States — are organizing operations to evacuate their citizens from Lebanon via Turkey.