‘Hottest July ever’ in southern Sweden

This month has so far been the warmest July on record for many parts of southern Sweden.

According to Swedish weather service SMHI, the hottest place in the country so far this month is Lund, where the average temperature has been 21.3 degrees Celsius (70.3 degrees Fahrenheit).

This is a few tenths of a degree higher than the current monthly record for the town, set in July 1994. It is also slightly warmer than August 1997, another record month. The monthly record for any town in Sweden was set in Karlstad in July 1901, when the temperature averaged 21.9 degrees.

Other parts of Götaland, the southern portion of Sweden, have also been close to breaking heat records. In Växjö the average temperature has been 20 degrees, compared to a record on 20.7 in 1994.

In Visby the average so far this month is 20.1 degrees, nudging towards the record of 21.0 set in 1914.

Whether the heat will last long enough to ensure these records are broken remains to be seen – rain and slightly cooler temperatures are forecast for the weekend and the beginning of next week.