Swedish restaurant industry explodes

Swedish restaurants are on fire. Last year they took in 56 billion kronor and the industry is still looking up.

During the past six years the total number of workers at eateries has gone from 12,400 employees to 75,100 employees.

During the same time, profits have increased 33 percent to 56 billion kronor.

“The total number of employed and restaurant and pubs’ profits have increased significantly during the past 15 years and it is going to continue going up,” said Lars Paulsson, head of Resurs, the company that did the study.

“Food programs on TV and more money in people’s wallet explains the large increase in the number of restaurant visits in recent years.

Last year an average of 6,196 kronor was spent in the country’s restaurants. Stockholm tops the list with each person spending on average 10,146 per person.

Locals in Kronoberg and in Södermanland spend the least with at an average of 4,000 kronor per person.