Stockholm transport pays millions for taxis

A guarantee by Stockholm's local transport operator SL that they will pay for commuters' taxi rides if trains are severely delayed has cost the organization 7.3 million kronor already this year.

Problems on commuter trains are being blamed for the high costs. The Pendeltåg trains have suffered severe delays in the first half of the year, after new rolling stock was introduced.

SL says that any passenger who risks being delayed by more than 20 minutes due to faults with SL services is entitled to up to 400 kronor for the cost of a taxi ride. In some circumstances, SL agrees to pay more than 400 kronor.

Last year the system cost SL 5.6 million kronor, a figure that has already been surpassed, Svenska Dagbladet reported.

SL chairwoman Anna Kettner said the problems with SL services were unsatisfactory.

“Of course it’s not good that they’re not working, and we have to fix the problems,” said Kettner, a Social Democrat appointee, to Svenska Dagbladet.

“But when we don’t [fix the problems], it’s good that people know about the journey guarantee and can make use of it.”