Transvestites and prostitute in Stockholm scrap

A 40-year-old prostitute got into a tiff with two transvestites in central Stockholm over the weekend, and was carted away to the hospital sporting a broken finger, a bloodied nose, pulled hair, and a bitten eyelid.

The nasty wrestling match between the three happened just before 4 a.m. on Saturday, after the two 23-year-old men – gussied in drag from a night on the town – were accosted by the hard-working-40-year-old who thought they were trying to work her turf.

“A woman became furious when she thought they were trying to take her customers,” said prosecutor Håkan Roswall, according to Expressen. “It then became a full on fight.”

The woman, the one without the five o’clock shadow, was wrestled to the ground, kicked, and bitten before police broke up the spat.

Police originally thought it was three women fighting over customers, before realizing two were men in drag.

The two men were taken into custody, but later released. They are suspected of assault, drug crimes, and threatening the woman.

The two transvestites were temporarily in town for the Stockholm Pride Festival.