Church guard arrested for sex with corpse

A man working at a church northwest of Stockholm has been remanded in custody for a very, very unsavoury deed.

The man, who is in his 40s and who was working at the church as a security guard, was arrested by police on suspicion of opening a coffin and having sex with a female corpse.

“I am shocked,” said a priest in the parish, according to Expressen.

A week ago, police detained the man after they found an open coffin awaiting burial in the church’s crypt. Near the unlocked coffin police found empty beer cans.

“The lock was off and the body was lying in a position it should not be in,” said an unnamed police officer to Expressen. “We suspect that the guard has assaulted the dead woman.”

The man is being held for breaking burial laws and could face to up to two years in jail.

The Local