Auction site returns stolen painting

An artist who discovered that his stolen work was being auctioned on the internet has had his work returned to him.

On Saturday the auction firm contacted artist Lars Blückner, saying they wanted to give him his painting back.

“Obviously I was delighted,” said Blückner to the Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper.

“I think it was very dignified of them. This painting could have passed through a lot of people’s hands. And it is impossible to expect to have known that from the beginning it was stolen.”

The theft took place nine years ago and the case had been closed. But last week Blückner noticed that the painting, which was donated to the City of Helsingborg the year before it was pinched, was listed on the auction site’s pages.

Now Lars Blückner hopes that the painting will hang in one of the staircases of the Parapet, a restaurant and gallery on the harbour pier, from where it was originally stolen.