Left Party’s support squeezed

Sweden's Left Party, one of the key allies of prime minister Göran Persson's Social Democrats, could disappear from parliament if the results of a new poll were repeated in next month's general election. But the survey also shows the lead for the centre-right Alliance squeezed to less than three percentage points.

The poll from Synovate Temo shows that only 3.6 percent of people questioned would vote for Lars Ohly’s former Communists. The figure represents a fall on 1.1 percentage points since the last election.

The Social Democrats improved their position somewhat, with support increasing 2.9 points to 37.7 percent. Support for the Centre Party increased by 0.4 percent, while support for all the other parties decreased slightly.

The total support for the left-wing bloc of the Social Democrats, Left Party and Green Party was 46.6 percent. The Alliance was supported by 49.3 percent of those questioned.

Some 1,780 people were questioned between the 14th and 20th August. They were asked which party they would vote for if there were a general election today.

A party that does not have 4 percent of the national vote can still enter the Riksdag if it gains at least twelve percent of the vote in a particular constituency.