Connex takes over train line

French company Connex has been granted the contract to run trains from Sundsvall to Trondheim, Norway.

The National Public Transport Agency (Rikstrafiken) said the contract would run from June 2007 and last for five years. There would then be a possibility to extend the contract by a further two years. Rikstrafiken awarded the contract together with its Norwegian counterpart and local transport authorities.

The total cost to the state will be 90 million kronor for the contract period, or 18 million kronor a year. Under the current contract the incumbent, Tågkompaniet, gets 21 million kronor a year.

There will be no change in the number of services under the deal, but new Regina-class trains will mean an improved environment for passengers.

The trains will run on the route Sundsvall-Östersund-Storlien-Trondheim.