Moderate support drops 4 percent

The opposition Alliance's lead in the run-up to the Swedish election on September 17th has been eradicated, according to the latest Sifo opinion poll published on Saturday.

The Moderates are the main losers, dropping 4.3 percent support since the last poll.

Last week the Alliance was leading by 7.1 percent. That lead has been slashed in the last seven days to just 0.3 percent, with the ruling Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Greens surging to 47.4 percent support.

Among the centre-right opposition parties only the Centre Party has gained made gains, while the Left Party has pulled away from the critical 4 percent level and now boasts 5.6 percent support.

The poll, for which 1,248 people were interviewed between August 21st and August 24th, showed a 1.7 percent rise in support for the Social Democrats.

But the government cannot afford to celebrate yet: at the same time, another poll shows that the centre-right Alliance is still clinging to a 3.5 percent lead.

The Synovate-Temo poll also revealed that the number of voters who are undecided is declining. A week ago, some 22.6 percent were still unsure of which party to vote for on September 17th. Now 19.1 percent say they have not yet made up their mind.

1,774 people were interviewed between August 19th and August 24th for the Temo poll, which was published in Dagens Nyheter.

Sifo results

Social Democrats 35.8% (+1.7%)

Green Party 6.0% (+1.5%)

Left Party 5.6% (-0.3%)

Moderates 24.3% (-4.3%)

Liberals 10.2% (-0.9%)

Centre Party 6.7% (+1.8%)

Christian Democrats 6.5% (-0.5%)