Bodström saves Stockholm’s police choppers

A week ago it appeared that large parts of central Sweden including the capital, Stockholm, would be left without police helicopters, after a dispute over their base forced the region's police to move them to Gothenburg.

But after a storm of protest, justice minister has stepped in to save Stockholm’s choppers. It is not reasonable to move them to Gothenburg just because there is no room at the Berga naval base south of Stockholm, says the government.

The police’s agreement with the military base comes to an end on October 1st. An alternative base for the two helicopters was planned at Myttinge, on the island of Värmdö but local protestors have put the brakes on the development. The chairman of the local planning committee said the matter could take several years to resolve.

Alternative bases have now been proposed in Uppsala, Täby, Norrtälje and Österåker, all to the north of the city. All of the local councils are willing to provide bases, they say.

“Obviously capital’s region will have police helicopters which can quickly be used in the event of security vehicle raids or other crimes which need an immediate response,” said Thomas Bodström.