Social Democrats’ support dips

The Social Democrats are losing ground fast in the race to form the next government, according to a new poll.

Göran Persson’s governing party’s rating in a Ruab poll in Friday’s Dagens Industri was down 4.9 percentage points to 35.5 percent, a statistically significant fall.

The opposition Alliance leads over the red-green coalition by 2.9 percentage points.

The new poll will be disappointing for the Social Democrats, as last week’s Ruab survey had given them their highest rating for three years and gave the ruling coalition a small lead over the Alliance.

The poll showed increases for the Left and Green parties, but not enough to save the coalition’s lead. The Moderate Party’s support rose by one percentage point, while the Christian Democrats figures rose marginally.

The Alliance’s joint manifesto does not appear to have made a big impression on the figures. The number of uncertain voters remains high – 29 percent of the 2,067 people interviewed between 20th and 30th August.