Boy in hospital after sand bullying

A 10-year-old boy in the coastal town of Sundsvall in central Sweden was rushed to the hospital on Thursday after school friends buried him in sand up to his neck and kicked sand in his mouth and into his lungs.

The three boys, all around the same age were playing in a sandbox when they decided to goof a bit by burying their friend, Johan, up to his neck in sand.

As the sand reach the boys neck, Johan told the boys to stop, but the other boys began to taunt him. One of the boys pulled Johan’s hair and the other pushed sand into Johan’s mouth several times.

“At the end I couldn’t breath and I felt so bad I threw up,” said Johan, who was rescued by a friend who pushed the other boys away and dug up Johan, according to Aftonbladet. “On the way home I felt that I wanted to fall down and die.”

Johan’s mother called an ambulance when she saw how pale her son was. The boy received oxygen the entire way to the hospital due to his low blood-oxygen level.

“This indicates that at that moment the boy’s lung capacity was seriously damaged,” said Hans Löwgren, a doctor at Sundsvall’s hospital.

Hospital exams showed Johan having sand stuck in his lungs, something doctors said could lead to infection.

The bullies have been reported to police.