Few Swedes favour nuclear expansion

A majority of Swedes want to see Sweden’s nuclear power plants to continue producing power until they are ready to be shut down according to an opinion poll done by Synovate Temo released on Tuesday.

Nearly half of those asked — 53 percent — want to see nuclear power used until the facilities need to be shut down for safety or cost reasons.

The survey said 58 percent of women and 49 percent on males make up those who want to see the facilities used until they are too old or costly.

Nearly one third — 30 percent — want an expansion of nuclear facilities. Some 39 percent of males and 20 percent of females who shared their opinion support expansion.

Only about 10 percent want nuclear power plants shut down immediately. While 16 percent of men voted for the stoppage, only 7 percent of women asked want nuclear power halted as soon as possible.

The survey asked about 1,000 Swedes.