No increased sentence for Bobby murder

The mother and stepfather of ten-year old Bobby, who was found dead at their farmhouse in the southern Swedish countryside in January, have had their manslaughter convictions upheld by an appeal court in Gothenburg.

Prosecutors had wanted the pair convicted of murder, but the Göta court of appeal upheld Eksjö district court’s manslaughter verdict. Both Bobby’s mother and her partner denied causing his death and argued that they should be cleared.

The mother admitted assault and the stepfather admitted dumping the boy’s body in a lake.

Prosecutors said that the pair’s sentences should be increased from ten to twelve years imprisonment, even if the appeal court confirmed the lower court’s verdict. The appeal court rejected this plea, and confirmed the sentences of ten years.

Bobby’s parents reported the ten-year old missing after they went on a shopping trip to Gothenburg. A major search was launched, but it later emerged that he had been dead all the time. The mother and stepfather were arrested after his body was found in the lake near their house.