Police seize Green Party’s ‘drug plant’

The Green Party in Halmstad is suspected of drugs offences after police seized a hemp plant from a polling hut in Lilla Torg, reported TV4 Halland.

Halland police spokesman Christer Harplinger told TV4 that campaign workers had been handing out hemp leaves and seeds to passing youngsters.

Harplinger said that the offending hemp plant has now been sent to the National Forensics Laboratory in Linköping to establish “how narcotic it is”.

Marie Ekholm, an election worker for the Greens in Halmstad, told Swedish Radio Halland that the plant was a gift from a farmer in southern Halland who had long been campaigning for the right to cultivate hemp for industrial use. She said that the plant had no narcotic effect.

“I never thought that the plant would cause offence,” she said