Sweden’s election: the proposals


– Dental care: Free of charge until the age of 24. Maximum 200 kronor per consultation. Raise the ceiling for reimbursements.

– Daycare: Maximum cost paid by parents per child reduced from 1,260 kronor to 960 kronor per month. Third child free. Free kindergarten from the age of three.

– Elderly: 100,000 new accommodations for senior citizens. Housing benefits for seniors and those on early-retirement rises from 93 to 95 percent.

– Employment: Unemployment benefits raised by 200 kronor a month so that 70 percent of unemployed workers receive 80 percent of their salary.

– Research and development: One percent of GDP to go towards R+D.


– Youth employment: Abolish employers’ tax for under 20-year-olds, halve it for youths aged 20 to 25.

– Education: One billion kronor for 800 new teachers to receive special training. Apprenticeships in middle school.

– Health care: Open up public health care system to allow private health care suppliers. Creation of a “care councillor” system, a personal reference contact for people requiring a variety of medical treatments.

– Crime: Longer sentences for serious crimes

– Taxes: Halve national income tax levels on salaries of up to 30,000 kronor a month.