Suspected bomb at Liberal stall in Malmö

A square in central Malmö was sealed off by police on Tuesday morning after a suspected bomb was reported next to the Liberal Party's campaign stand.

According to a phone call to police, a suspicious object had been left by the stand in Gustav Adolfs Torg.

The police bomb squad was at the scene at lunchtime inspecting the bomb, said Carin Brange, police spokeswoman in Malmö. Shortly after noon, police were able to transport the device away from the square.

“We suspect it is a bomb and have a bomb group making a technical inspection.” Brange told The Local on Tuesday. “We have decided not to report any details about the device, but we will take it away to another place so that technicians can better inspect it.”

Police said the person who called them did give a name, but they said it was not a name of someone known to the police.

Shortly after noon on Tuesday Gustav Adolfs Torg was coming back to life after hours of desertion. The square is centrally located in Malmö and functions as a major hub for local bus lines. A number of election stands from the main political parties had been set up in the square. The square is surrounded by shops and restaurants.

A reporter for news agency TT said police had sealed off all roads within 100 meters of the square. Police cars, ambulances and fire engines were at the scene. A police helicopter also circled over the square in the morning.