Call for equality in new government

The new Alliance government should consist of half men and half women, said Maud Olofsson, Centre Party leader, on Monday as the four leaders of the victorious center-right bloc met to plan out their future government.

“I think we should have the same ambition,” said Olofsson on the idea of having half of the government’s ministers be women, according to Svenska Dagbladet. “The electorate consists of both men and women, and we should be representative of the electorate.”

Olofsson said there are plenty of women who are qualified for the government.

“The Centre Party has shown the way by having women in very high positions,” she said. “When Ingvar Carlsson presented his government in 1991 about half of the cabinet ministers were women, a fact that got lots of attention.”

Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt said positions would be appointed based on qualifications.

“We will start with people who are suitable for the job and responsibility,” he said on Tuesday morning.

Even for Liberal Party parliament member Birgitta Ohlsson wants to see “at least women” in the government. Anything less would just create complaints from the left block.

“All of the gathered competence doesn’t just exist with those who shave or have a penis between their legs — it is in the individual,” Ohlsson.

Moderate Party Women chairwoman Magdalena Andersson said the most important quality in choosing those for government positions is competence.

“It would be terrible if we couldn’t have Fredrik (Reinfeldt) as prime minister just because he has the wrong gender.”

Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt will soon be given the task of putting together a new government. The parties will then decide how they plan on filling minister posts and other key positions.

The Alliance has almost two weeks to create its government. Then, on October 2, the parliament is opened and a new speaker will be picked. This new speaker will speak with the party leaders.

On October 3, the new speaker will recommend Fredrik Reinfeldt as the new prime minister and say which parties will take part in the new government. Two days later the parliament will vote, and if Reinfeldt gets at least half the votes, he will be installed as Sweden’s new prime minister.