Former Liberal secretary faces criminal charges

The former secretary of the Liberal Party, Johan Jakobsson, is facing criminal charges over his role in the pre-election computer scandal, in which a party press officer gained unauthorised access to the Social Democrats' computer network.

On Monday prosecutor Maria Häljebo submitted a request for a public defence lawyer for Jakobsson, who is suspected of being an accessory to unauthorised computer access on March 15th this year in Stockholm, Svenska Dagbladet reported.

The prosecutor did not say who Jakobsson is meant to have encouraged to commit the crime. However, the fall guy in the week before the election was the press secretary in the Liberals’ youth movement, Per Jodenius.

Jakobsson maintains that on March 15th he in fact told Jodenius to stop logging in to the Social Democrats’ network and to make the matter known to the media.

But Jodenius says that he was told to contact the media so that a reporter could discover some scandals in the Social Democrat camp.

According to Johan Jakobsson’s lawyer, Per E Samuelsson, the former party secretary denies all accusations.