Wedding ring found in lake after 47 years

Maj-Britt Öster's wedding ring lay at the bottom of a lake for 47 years - but at last she has it back.

A boy found the ring in Långanäs Lake in the southern town of Eksjö when he was out diving and sifting through the sludge at the bottom of the lake, Smålands-Tidningen reports.

Maj-Britt lost the ring one summer’s day in 1959 while staying at a cottage by Långanäs Lake. Her husband Per-Olof was looking after the ring while she went for a swim. But he dropped it from the jetty and the couple’s despairing attempts to retrieve the ring from the bottom of the lake ended in disappointment.

For 47 years the ring went undetected but this summer there was an unusual coincidence. Maj-Britt Öster’s son and his wife went to a party at the very same cottage by the lake. Her son told the story of how he had been there as a child and explained how his mother’s ring had fallen into the water, never to be seen again.

Shortly after, 15-year-old Thomas Johansson visited the cottage and went out swimming in the lake. He dived below the surface and scrabbled about in the sludge at the bottom. Suddenly he felt something hard in his hand: the ring had re-emerged.

He gave it to the people currently renting the cottage, who had recently heard the story of the ring. They in turn passed it on to Maj-Britt’s daughter-in-law, who handed it over to its rightful owner.

“It was fantastic. I wish my husband was still alive to share this moment with me”, she told Smålands-Tidningen.