Saab exec quits over office romance

The communications director of Swedish aerospace firm Saab is to leave her job. The reason: an office romance - with the company's CEO, Åke Svensson.

Communications boss Helena Stålnert announced the move on Thursday in an interview with Dagens Industri.

“Our relationship is at an early stage, but we are both serious and want to stay together. And it’s impossible for us to work in the same management team,” she said.

Stålnert said they had decided that, as her job was more junior than Svensson’s, she would resign. She said she would finish off current projects at Saab before looking for new work.

Stålnert is a former television journalist, and was previously editor of SVT’s Aktuellt news show.

Svensson said he had discussed the situation with Saab chairman Marcus Wallenberg and had informed the board. He said that while the company has no specific policy to deal with romance between executives, he and Stålnert had considered the consequences for both themselves and for Saab.He added that he and Stålnert were “very happy together”.