Oil leak in Nynäshamn

An engine oil factory near Stockholm leaked 174 cubic metres of oil over a ten hectare area on Thursday night.

The leakage happened by the Nynäs Petroleum refinery and the Statoil engine oil factory in Nynäshamn. Oil in one of the cisterns at the Statoil factory overflowed, and ran through a surface drain into the dock. At least one ship had to be cleaned to prevent the oil spreading to the open sea.

The coastguard was notified early in the morning, and sent an environmental protection vessel. Emergency services took over operations when it was clear that the spill was not likely to spread to open waters.

“It is most regrettable when things like this happen,” said Statoil spokeswoman Helena Fornstedt.

“We have started an internal investigation to find out exactly what happened,” she said.