Guilty Sjödin refuses to resign

Pressure is mounting on Anna Sjödin to resign from her post as leader of the Social Democratic youth movement, SSU.

Sjödin, who on Thursday was found guilty of four charges of drunkenly assaulting a bouncer at a bar in Stockholm and using racial insults, has said that she has no plans to step down.

“She has only been sentenced to pay a fine but of course it is serious that she has been found guilty of all charges,” said Social Democratic party secretary Marita Ulvskog.

Most regional branches of SSU have elected to discuss the matter internally before deciding whether to support Sjödin or demand her resignation.

“We are neither for nor against. But it will be very difficult to have a chairwoman convicted of racial abuse considering our message that all people should be treated equally,” said Skaraborg district chairman Erik Ezelius.

Anna Sjödin’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, intends to appeal against the decision.

“The District Court has accepted the bouncer’s account view the fact that we showed him to be a liar and that his account is inconsistent,” said Silbersky.