Former Skandia personnel boss jailed

The former personnel director at Skandia, Ola Ramstedt, has been sentenced to two years in prison for breach of trust and bribery.

The ex-head of Skanida subsidiary Diligentia, Håkan Lennersand, and a former project leader at Skandia were jailed for one and a half years and one year respectively for colluding with Ramstedt.

“I am satisfied with the verdict,” said prosecutor Peter Nilsson to TT, despite the fact that the court chose to clear Ramstedt and Lennersand of other corruption charges.

“The breach of trust was the main point in the prosecution,” he addede.

In December 2001 Ramstedt signed an invoice for 17.6 million kronor. The charge was listed as rebuilding of part of Skandia’s head office on Stockholm’s Sveavägen.

But in fact the bill was for the renovation of nine luxury apartments which were rented by Skandia’s top executives and their relatives.

Ramstedt was assisted in the matter by by Håkan Lennersand, who headed up Skandia’s property company, Diligentia. In August 2002 Lennersand was given two million kronor, which was followed in January 2003 by improved pension terms worth six million kronor.

“The guilty verdict comes as no surprise to us, given the prosecution and the trial itself,” said Skandia’s current vice chairman, Björn Björnsson.

Björnsson said that Skandia’s insurance customers did not suffer financially from the crimes committed by Ramstedt. He added that Skandia did not intend to sue Ramstedt personally.

“We have already decided to direct all our damages claims at the person with the highest responsibility in the former management, Lars-Eric Petersson,” said Björn Björnsson.

In its verdict, the court wrote that it was beyond any reasonable doubt that the men had been aware that the invoice had been falsified.

However, Ramstedt’s lawyer, Hans Strandberg, said he had spoken to his client and that they intend to appeal against the verdict.

“Ola Ramstedt is both devastated and surprised by this guilty verdict,” said Strandberg.

“Neither I nor Ola Ramstedt think that the court has considered our evidence and the material we presented during the trial.”