A million Swedes excluded from Swedish web sites

Fifty of Sweden's 60 biggest web sites are partly or completely inaccessible to groups with visual difficulties, motor problems and other disabilities, according to a new study.

Research carried out on behalf of Internetworld revealed that many of the worst offenders were major institutions such as Swedish Radio and Skandia.

The number of accessible sites has improved since last year – but only from eight to ten.

The survey examined the biggest ten sites in six different categories: shopping, finance, media, listed companies, state authorities and portals/search engines. The researchers gave each site a grade for how easy they were to navigate for people with different disabilities.

Google and the government web site,, were ranked the highest, with a total grade of 8 out of a possible 10.

Many sites were even lacking the simple functionality of increasable text size.

“Knowledge of accessibility among Sweden’s web site owners is still unexpectedly low,” commented Internetworld’s chief editor, Magnus Höij.

The magazine estimated that a million Swedes are being kept out by web site inaccessibility.