Mink blasted after teen’s toilet fright

A young hunter from Dalarna came into close contact with the animal kingdom while preparing to go to the toilet. "I was about to sit down and take a poo but decided not to. Which was just as well," 15 year-old Sjö Niklas Larsson told Expressen.

Larsson was the youngest of a party of six hunters getting ready to start the day at a friend’s house in a village in central Dalarna.

“I heard a splashing sound while brushing my teeth. When I turned off the tap the splashing continued from the toilet. That was when a mink came up out of the toilet” he said.

More than just a little surpised, Larsson took to his heels and alerted the other men. They found the tale of the creature in the loo a little hard to swallow but went to have a look nonetheless.

“But sure enough we saw a mink looking up from the toilet,” said Birger Tillman, whose house was now home to the small animal.

While Tillman went to retrieve his shotgun the other hunters made sure that there was only one possible escape route for the mink.

But the men hadn’t reckoned with the mink temporarily outsmarting them. It took shelter under a lilac bush, made for an oak tree, headed back to the lilac, before finally making a dash for the barn wall.

“But there was no way through. He was shot and went to heaven,” said Tillman.

Larsson meanwhile assured Expressen that he was not concerned about going to the toilet after the incident, although he did admit to taking an extra peek the first few times.