New sex attack in Västerås

Another woman has been assaulted in Västerås, in an attack which bears many of the hallmarks of the so-called 'bicycle man' who is thought to have been behind a series of incidents since the end of September.

On Friday night the woman was attacked as whe was walking along a cycle path.

According to police, the man cycled up to the woman, barged into her and molested her. The assault was broken off when a taxi driver came to the woman’s rescue, reported the local paper Vestmanlands Läns Tidning.

Police are treating the incident as sexual assault.

The description of the man and a number of other details correspond with several previous attacks in Västerås. In previous incidents the man has also had a bicycle with him.

“His description was very similar, he was in his 30s and the bicycle was blue,” said police spokesman Susanne Hamrin to the paper.

Since the end of September around 15 women have been subjected to various kinds of assault on the streets of Västerås.