Västerås suspect identified by victim

A man suspected of molesting a woman in Västerås in August was today identified by the alleged victim.

But police investigating a series of attacks on women in the town, west of Stockholm, said not too much should be read into the news.

“It is good that she identified him, but it doesn’t mean that much for the investigation,” said Västerås police’s Peter Eriksson.

Ten women have been attacked in Västerås since August

The man was arrested on Saturday, and the woman identified him of a video line-up. Local newspaper Vestmanlands Läns Tidning reports Eriksson saying that the woman is entirely sure that the man is the person who molested her.

The man was released on Monday afternoon, as the crime of which he is accused is not serious enough to jeep him in custody. He was, however, immediately rearrested for immigration offences. The man had been in hiding since he was refused Swedish residency.

Many of the ten recent attacks in Västerås have had similarities, but police are emphasising that the man arrested on Saturday was only suspected for one of the incidents.

“I do not believe he is guilty of all of them,” Eriksson said. He would not say whether further witnesses will be asked to identify the man. Nor would he say whether he will be tried by a Swedish court or deported.

“We’ll have to wait and see. If he can be linked to a crime, then maybe he’ll face justice here.”