Bomb threat empties ice hockey arena

An ice hockey arena in Karlstad, western Sweden, was evacuated on Saturday afternoon after emergency services received a bomb threat.

The Löfbergs Lila Arena was cleared at 5:48pm, in the middle of a match between Modo and Färjestad.

The threat had been phoned in to SOS Alarm, the company that receives all emergency calls in Sweden. Police decided that the threat was sufficiently credible to warrant decisive action.

An officer then entered the arena and approached the referee, telling him that there was a bomb threat against the building and that it therefore had to be evacuated, according to news agency TT.

“The referee said to us that we had to evacuate the hall because there was a bomb threat against it,” Modo coach Harald Lückner told TT.

The match, which Modo was leading 2-0 in the middle of the final period, will be completed somehow, Lückner promised.