Speeding Swede put finger up at camera

A Swede who for months put his foot on the pedal and waved his middle finger at the camera while passing a speed check in Norway has finally got his comeuppance, Aftonbladet reports.

The man thought he had outsmarted Norwegian police by removing the registration plates from his car. But the neighbouring country’s forces of law and order detected a pattern in the man’s behaviour and set up a trap.

Police officers noted that he always passed their speed check at a particular time and day. On Sunday night every single patrol in the area lay in wait for the Swede with the finger and the itchy foot.

The man had repeatedly driven at speeds ranging from 123 to 134 kilometres per hour in an 80 km per hour zone. According to Norwegian police, who were delighted with their catch, the Swede has no chance whatsoever of holding on to his licence.