Youths torture animals in net film

Animal Rights Sweden has reported a film posted on the internet by Swedish youths to the police. The six-minute long film shows a 21-year-old student, Rickard Bergengren, and his friends delighting in the killing of small animals.

“It was incredibly cruel. They were laughing as they killed the animals and had put the film to music. It seemed like they were very proud of what they had done,” Caroline Bexius from Animal Rights Sweden told The Local.

In one section of the film Bergengren chases a cat, shoots it dead, then swings the dead animal by the tail and launches it onto a pile of manure.

At another point Bergengren’s friend kills a great tit.

“They did not kill the animals straight away so it must have been very painful,” said Bexius.

According to Sydsvenskan, the film is soundtracked by hip-hop music and includes still images of half naked young women, all spliced with footage of a heavily hungover economics student shooting pheasants, mallards and a cat, .

At the end of the film the narrator extends his thanks to cats, birds and “all other niggers”. Bergengren also sends out a greeting “to all you bloody natural law activists”.

“We sent the movie to the police. They have said that they are going to investigate whether a crime has been committed. If so the people in the movie will lose their hunting and gun licences,” said Bexius.