Swedish athlete harassed by smitten fan

Swedish hurdler Susanna Kallur has earned the unwelcome admiration of a 26-year-old French fan, Expressen reports.

The man first came to attention of Swedish police on October 9, when he turned up at the arena in Falun where Kallur, 25, trains.

Anders Kallur, Susanna’s father approached the man when he heard that the was asking questions about his daughter. The French fan said that he just wanted her autograph but the athlete’s father was not convinced and contacted the police.

The man told police that he was in love with Susanna Kallur and was keen to meet her. Just the next day he was arrested after two young athletes, aged 19 and 9, reported him for molestation.

He accosted the 19-year-old on two occasions. First he ran up to her and pushed her off the running track. The second episode saw the man fling himself down beside her on the high-jump landing mat, before stroking her hair and asking about her boyfriend.

The smitten fan told police that his feelings for the hurdler would not be sated until he got the chance to meet her. When the police suggested that such an encounter might not be possible the man replied, “It doesn’t matter. I am staying until I get to meet her.”

Yesterday the man was prosecuted for the two charges of molestation.

Local police officer Karl Owe Westman explains what happened immediately after yesterday’s proceedings.

“He was released today and ran straight back. We arrested him at 5.05 p.m. after he had assaulted a caretaker who tried to get him to leave,” Westman told Expressen.

Susanna Kallur and her twin sister Jenny are both 100m hurdlers. Susanna hit the headlines during the summer when she claimed a gold medal at the European Championships in Gothenburg.